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Finally got a VR kit a ~week ago. Tried this out. I miss having a skull-face like you tweeted once, ages ago. Was that a bug? Is it an easter egg? I see I have a skull under my face, just like in real life!

(wish I could teleport, hard to reach some of those fridge goodies in standing space :P )

This is Sans' hotdog, hotcat,and 'dog stand on drugs

does not work

Looks hilarious, when I get a vive I want to play it. Keep up the good work!


how to i move


it dont work cuz u need a vr sadly

Deosnt work only shows heads staring at you like a picture


Hi there, what headset are you trying it with?


Doesn't work :c


fuck this owns


Does it work with Leap Motion?


Happy to see that it works with Vive!


Well... this was an experience indeed!!
10/10 HOT DOGS!!

Stay Rad Everybody!!


If I ever get my hands on an Oculus, this is going to be the first game I download.


I can tell you know what is important in life. Hotdogs with mustard and ketchup all over the place. Great minds think alike! Keep on truckin!